Times Square Cyclist

A cyclist stopped in Times Square to make a phone callHave you ever been to Times Square in New York City? Well now you have.

This came from my archives of one of my more recent returns back home to the Big Apple. I love how everyone is moving here, except for the guy in the middle of the street on his phone.


Skateboarding Session

Skateboarding In Denver 3A guy Getting ready to drop into a halfpipe at Denver SkateparkA guy skateboarding in Denver at Denver SkateparkSkateboarding In Denver 2

Wait For Me Guys

Young boy trying to catch up with his dad and brother

Late for Work

Man late for work walking with a shoulder bag

Father and Son

A father playing with his son in a stroller

Empty Park Bench

A woman walking past an empty park bench

Monochrome Caterpillar Engine

An old Caterpillar Engine out in a field in black and white

Inside Union Station

Two men waiting inside Union Station in Denver Colorado

Break Time

A guy laying down on a handbag during break time


Man On A Mission

Man On A Mission