Who is 2441?

Richelieu Williams

Hello, my name is Richelieu “Ben” Williams. A hobby photographer who has shot over 8000 exposures in my quest towards building my portfolio. I was born and raised in Bronx, NY.

After moving to Montana for college, I decided to head to Colorado about 7 years ago. And that is where my photography journey began.

This blog is my portfolio. My main focus right now is obtaining freelance work. For a very limited time I am currently offering free 1 hour sessions in the Denver Metro Area in Colorado in order to build this portfolio. 

For now you won’t see much more than a single photo in each post, as I wish for the photos to remain the focus. There won’t be much writing for the time being. I may add a description here or there. Although, if you do feel compelled to comment or leave constructive criticism or praise, I will certainly engage with a response/reply.

If you like the photos you are seeing, you can book me now.